bobby altes

Bobby Altes for State Representative 76

Taking His Proven Business Success to Little Rock For You

Bobby Altes has spent his whole life in Fort Smith creating successful businesses and creating jobs for our families. From his family's waste and trucking businesses to his own trucking company, Bobby has proven his skill and talent at managing complex enterprises in straightforward ways.

Now he is putting that experience to work for the families of our region and our state. Taking up the baton which his father, Denny Altes, hands off to him, Bobby Altes is continuing a legacy of quiet, competent, conservative, hard work values to bring a brighter future for our state.

"I've always believed in a smaller government that exists to serve the citizens. In my opinion, if you want something to under-perform, be over budget, be under productive, take too long, and cost too much, hand it to the government!"

          Bobby Altes

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